Lights of Oconee Returns to The Big Event for Another Great Year
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Lake Oconee Home Builders

Since starting their business in 2004, Lights of Oconee has been a happy participant in the all-day outdoor festival known as The Big Event, and they will be returning as Gold Sponsors again this year on March 17th, 2018. Over the past decade, Lights of Oconee has seen the proof of how The Big Event brings new and returning customers to the Lake Oconee area to learn more about the local community and what it has to offer. When asked to describe what a vendor might be able to expect on the day of The Big Event, Lights of Oconee responded, “An awesome day celebrating our community, with excited residents learning more about your business.”


  Lights of Oconee is the choice of discerning homeowners, home builders, and designer- decorators in the Lake Oconee area. The company explains why when they say, “Whether you are building or decorating, we will help you create a customized lighting, plumbing, and door cabinet hardware plan that reflects you and your lifestyle.”

  On the day of the festival, visitors to theLights of Oconee booth will find “a loyal staff of associates prepared to answer questions about our store and community. We will have brochures of our products for your review, free giveaways, and other items that reflect our community and business.”

  Lights of Oconee believes that there is no better place or way to meet your neighbors than at The Big Event. The festival gives businesses the opportunity to support the people who support them, such as the Lake Oconee Builders Association. In addition, the festival creates an opportunity for families to spend a day of fun outdoors, connecting with current and future residents of the Lake Oconee area.

  Every year, The Big Event gives Lights of Oconee and other local businesses the chance to identify a great number of potential customers, and to build ongoing relationships that start with a face to face conversation.Lights of Oconee has found over the years that the new customers they discover at The Big Event tend to comment that without the festival they never would have known that Lights of Oconee carries a certain product that the customer was looking for, or that they were new to the area, and the festival let them learn about Lights of Oconee for the first time. The Big Event is a chance to connect the public with the services they want and need—like the great products offered by Lights of Oconee.

  “Lights of Oconee is a Local Family Owned Business that believes in offering the very best shopping experience, the best selection, and the best customer service from the start to the finish of your project. We promise to treat you like family.”

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