Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills Returns to The Big Event as a Gold Sponsor
Date: Monday, January 15 @ 00:00:00 EST
Topic: Lake Oconee Home Builders

For the past four years, Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills has participated in The Big Event, because it’s a great way to meet new customers, establish better relationships with the builders and remodelers in the community, and support the Lake Oconee Builders Association. For the 2018 festival, Fireside will be proud to take part again as Gold Sponsors. As Greig McCully explains, “We look forward to interacting with past and future customers, and connecting with the builders who are making a real difference in the Lake Oconee area.”


 Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills specializes in the design and construction of outdoor kitchens, working closely with architects, builders, landscape designers, and home owners to create an outdoor living experience that fulfills the customer’s vision. They sell and service all the appliances and products that go along with the outdoor room, and design and install outdoor cabinets with the same conveniences as custom indoor cabinets, but made with long-lasting, outdoor-ready materials.

Fireside has created hundreds of outdoor kitchens from start to finish, but they also offer systems that can make a DIY project look like it was done by a seasoned professional. They offer hearths, awnings, fire pits, and outdoor kitchen accessories, too—even grills, spices, and charcoal to help you make the most of your outdoor cooking.

The booth for Fireside Outdoor Kitchen & Grills at The Big Event will offer the chance to experience the skill and professionalism that Fireside has acquired through over 25 years in the business.  “We will have multiple outdoor kitchens on display,” McCully says, “and will be using some of the equipment live to show how it performs. We will also offer cooking classes throughout the day, so we can demonstrate how to use outdoor cooking appliances in new, exciting ways.”

The Lake Oconee Builders Association has grown The Big Event bigger and better every year, which is why Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills has been a Gold Sponsor for years. “Some of Fireside’s largest projects have resulted from meetings that first took place at The Big Event. We enjoy the chance to interact with the public and fellow businesses face to face, and we definitely plan to continue participating in future festivals. Developing relationships with customers and local builders through The Big Event establishes a mutual support that pays off for both businesses and customers.”


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