Metro Water Filters are Proud Platinum Sponsors of The Big Event
Date: Monday, January 08 @ 08:00:00 EST
Topic: Lake Oconee Home Builders

Metro Water Filter has proudly participated in The Big Event for the past 13 years, dating back to the days when the festival was still known as the Home and Garden Show. As the water professionals of the Lake Oconee area, Metro Water Filters wants people to know, “We strive to bring our customers the best water possible and we always service what we sell.  Our goal is to be the standard by which all other water treatment companies are measured.  We always treat your water right.”


The Big Event is the perfect venue to communicate this directly to customers. Metro Water Filters sponsors The Big Event to show support for theLake Oconee Builders Association, whose members have, in turn, shown tremendous support to Metro Water Filters, along with countless other associates in Georgia’s Lake Country. “We take immense pride in being a part of an organization that gives back so much to its members and its community, and are delighted to be part of such a wonderful festival.”

According to Metro Water Filters, new vendors can expect to benefit from a lot of foot traffic on the day of The Big Event. The fun, all-day festival is always bustling, resulting in the chance to meet a great many potential customers, as well as fellow Lake Country vendors. “We like to say that good competition is good for everyone—especially the customer, and the Big Event is an opportunity for vendors to see their competitors in action as well.” At the Metro Water Filter’s booth, customers and fellow vendors will have the chance to see demonstrations regarding products and services, and to learn about what the company has to offer in a fun, friendly way, with no pushy sales pitch. Metro Water Filters will also have several promotional items to give away to visitors.

The Big Event is great for direct interaction with the public. Metro Water Filters has found that no matter how much traditional advertising they do, they still have people come up to the booth each year, saying that they “heard somewhere” that they will never be able to make the water in their Lake Oconee home drinkable. Metro Water Filters loves having the chance to witness someone who mistakenly believed that their only option was to buy thousands of bottles of water enjoying safe and delicious drinking water straight from the tap.

“At Metro Water Filter, the best customer service is our number one goal.  We pride ourselves on finding the right solutions for water problems, we service everything that we sell, and we will never force our customers to sign a contract for service to honor the warranty of their equipment.”

Metro Water Filters believes that The Big Event is unlike any other home show around. It’s an amazing opportunity for businesses to get in front of 3,000-plus potential customers, as well as dozens of local custom home builders. It’s a combined effort that benefits everyone who participates, from vendors to visitors.

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